Saudi food and drug authority, Authorized representative-SFDA, MDMA

About Us


DRC is driven by its people. Our team will be an extension of yours. We will do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work and trust.


With the help of our professional team, we provide wide spectrum of corporate services at one stop. We wish to establish DRC as a destination where all paths in hunt for Saudi FDA compliance and distributers search solutions end.

Know How

Our ability to understand, embrace and operate in the Saudi market is critical to our business success and long-term sustainability. As a firm, we invest in the power of knowledge. We research, study, and analyze to provide our client with the most efficient services and define who we are as a professional services firm.


We do not view our relationships through the lens of a project but rather dedicate ourselves to our client’s overall success. We value meaningful collaboration and enjoy exploring possibilities for the future.